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  • Atit Gandhi

3 Ways to be an Inspired Leader

Your aura drives your business, whether you're an entrepreneur, a senior executive at a large corporation, or a consultant in any industry. We are motivated, energised, and empowered by inspiration. According to research, there is an implicit link between having the appropriate mindset and achieving professional goals. The reciprocal relationship between inspiration and goal progress ensures that we acquire more fulfilment with more inspiration, and vice versa. Inspiration occurs spontaneously and without prompting, frequently in response to external stimuli. However, once it appears, it opens up novel prospects and urges us to overcome our daily challenges. How do we channelize this inspiration to work for success at the workplace? Here are the top three tips to unleash your inspiration.

Try the Tangent

The more you pursue the butterfly, the further it flees. Taking a tangential approach is usually the better option. Do you recall playing board games when you were a kid? Do you like doodling on scraps of paper? Singing and dancing in front of the mirror? Casual and unstructured work, as well as doing something divergently different and enjoyable, are intriguing approaches to educating your brain to be unfocused and reset. Unleashing the power of your distracted mind is also a great way to empty your mind and invite inspiration. Diverting your focus or reminiscing about childhood enjoyment activates new frequencies in our brains, allowing us to get out of cognitive ruts. You are inches away from being inspired by doing anything that makes you truly happy, whether it's reading a book, listening to a podcast, watching a show, or taking a Zumba class.

Fertile Imaginations through Nature

The smell of petrichor is nostalgic. A bright sunny day is elevating. The sight of the greens in your office has a stimulating effect on your mind. Nature's simplicity has been shown in studies to help us recuperate from the stress of contemporary life and break free from negative mental cycles. Our brains and bodies were designed to live in the wild. Furthermore, spending time in nature reduces stress, restores mental equilibrium, and improves focus. A potted plant on your table, a balcony with fresh greenery, and an office with a view of a garden all encourage creative thinking. There's no better way to increase your creativity than going for a walk in the park. Instilling such outside-of-the-box thinking practices has a cascade effect on wellness, joy, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Connect. Converse. Collaborate.

Positive people radiate energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, when you hit a roadblock and find it a struggle to move ahead, finding inspiration from others can prove to be a positive catalyst. Sometimes you're too close to a problem to figure out a creative solution all by yourself. Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness. Sometimes you're too close to a situation to come up with an innovative solution on your own. It's not a sign of weakness to seek help. For assistance and advice, ask trusted and respected friends, peers, and members of your network for assistance. Everyone has their own set of skills, experiences, and information. A new set of eyes, or three, or five, could be exactly what you need. Even if you don't follow their advice, it can inspire some fresh, innovative thinking that will help you achieve where you want to go. Besides, you may find someone with a talent you could use or an idea that could snowball into the next big thing.


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