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4 Reasons why Pharmaceutical Industry loves Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging market size of the pharmaceutical industry was valued at USD 15.8 billion in 2020, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2021 to 2028. The growing pharmaceutical market in emerging economies and the growth of drug delivery systems are driving the market. Owing to the exceptional barrier properties of plastic, it has become one of the chief components in the growth of flexible packaging. Investments and R&D in improving recycling initiatives for flexible packaging have spurred the growth of this sector and made it a force to reckon with. Innovations through flexible pouches and bags for medicines and health care, embedded sensors, and active and intelligent packaging have improved patient compliance issues and convenience for growing markets like senior citizens as well. Here are the top 4 benefits of going flexible to the pharmaceutical sector.

Combining security and ease of use

Flexible packaging, in addition to its visual appeal, protects pharmaceutical items from contamination and adverse environmental conditions while also making them safer and easier to dispense. Besides, with chemical resistance, oxygen, light, and moisture barriers, sealant layers, and flexographic printing, they have revolutionised the way medicines are packaged.

Today, medical devices, liquids, wound and burn care dressings, unit dose drugs, medicated swabs, transdermal patches, capsules, pills, and tablets, implanted devices, and diagnostic test kits are all available in convenient pouches. Pouch solutions eliminate the need for a heat seal. Bag-in-box technology, developed by packaging providers, revolutionises the packaging and storage of bulk medications for institutional usage. For shelf-stable, preservative-free products, the double-package solution is meant to safeguard quality, extend shelf-life, and reduce waste.

Packaging improves patient adherence

With several sources of information available at their disposal, 40% of patients like to have more details about the medicines that they have been prescribed before actually buying them. With increasing innovation in flexible packaging, it is possible to include details about usage, contents, dosage, storage, etc. on the packaging itself, which increases patient adherence. Moreover, packaging has become a medium to build trust between the patient and the healthcare provider. According to the findings of a study conducted at Ohio State University, providing medicines in a package that gives supporting dosage instructions for self-administration can improve adherence to a treatment regimen and outcomes in elderly hypertensive patients.

Smart Packaging

In this era of becoming smart, flexible packaging offers a wide variety of other capabilities, including becoming part of an IoT-enabled connected system, in addition to protecting and providing information on drugs. In the pharmaceutical business, smart packaging can help reduce supply chain losses by improving environmental monitoring, improving patient adherence by using smart adherence packaging, and strengthening security by using anti-tamper or unclonable serialisation technologies. Blister packs with embedded microchips, for example, can track when a medicine is taken or administered and alert the patient when the next dose is due by beeping or otherwise signalling. Expiration date warnings, storage condition monitoring, tamper alerts, and bottle tops that can record dosage history data by tracking the removal of the cap are all possible smart pack features.

Aids Anti-counterfeiting

Addressing the growing problem of counterfeiting, the most recent innovation for the pharmaceutical sector is a revolutionary anti-counterfeit idea that allows for a distinctive holographic look to be incorporated into the packaging without the need for inks or varnish. Made of nanostructures that reflect light in a variety of colours and patterns, the holographic effect can be seen by the user without the need for any other technology, and it can be implemented in great detail.

At Montage Group, we have kept innovation at the helm of all our endeavours. Our R & D team works round the clock to add convenience to the consumer and cost-efficiency to our clients. Serving the pharmaceutical industry is a challenge that we enjoy.

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