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4 tips for Package Design that create a Lasting First Impression

The first interaction that a customer has with a product is through its packaging. Several elements collaborate into creating a successful packaging design for products, especially in the FMCG sector. With growing urgency to capture the customer’s eyeballs, in almost all sectors, the power of making a positive first impression falls primarily on product packaging. Yet, some designs break the clutter and firmly place the product in the most sought after item in a shopping aisle. What are they doing right to gain traction and create a brand identity? Here are the top 5 tips to create a package design that will leave a lasting first impression on your product packaging!

1. Product Display matters

Good packaging design promotes and displays the product sharing little detail that many customers look for. Food packaging includes descriptions of ingredients and nutritional value, some have cooking and storage instructions too. Packaging design that can include any vital information that helps make customers an informed buying decision are highly valued. No wonder, increasingly than before premium products are using transparent packaging to give the customer a glimpse of the actual product before buying it.

2. Grab the Eyeballs

Good packaging promotes trials which kick starts the journey of a customer with a product. The first goal of any company is to ensure that more and more customers end up buying the goods. Attractive packaging is the key to achieving this goal. An eye-catching colour combination or unique design can change the fortunes of sales. Deep research and technical know-how are needed to find differentiating factors from the competition and gain a strong market identity and a definite spot in the shopping cart.

3. Value Works

Customers respect thoughtful packaging designs that add value to their lives. Going eco-friendly or reducing waste through sustainable solutions are sunrise concepts that are being well received and much appreciated by today’s customers. Ethical brands have a strong niche of followers and loyalists. Moreover, other important features like convenience and reusability in packaging are self-motivators for the audience to try and buy products.

4. Product Safety

In today’s times, with a raging pandemic and welfare and well-being being top of mind a good packaging design ensures 100% protection of the product inside. Newer channels of sales through the online medium are compelling packaging experts to keep the design attractive yet practical to withstand long logistic journeys. Customers acknowledge a product packaging design that is durable, reliable, and secure. Sealing and locking features like screw caps, adhesive strips. Zippers, seals and holograms prevent tampering and further guarantee the safety and integrity of the product are sought-after by several sub-segments of FMCG manufacturers.

An important role for ensuring your product packaging works is to focus on your package as well as your competitors. Crafting unique packaging designs is possible only after R&D and a good understanding of what your contemporaries are doing right and wrong. Packaging is a tool that leaves a powerful impression on the minds of the shopper, builds new engagements and customer connections, promotion and protects the product and strengthens the brand reputation. The Montage Group is dedicated to cultivating new connections through innovative packaging designs that meet the customer expectation and match the client goals.

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