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Four Reasons Why Good Packaging is Good Business

Businesses are increasingly conscious that not just a great product, but even superior packaging is essential to attract the right eyeballs. Whether a buyer buys online or in a shop, the packaging is the first thing they see, and it holds the potential to make a lasting impression. With new social media trends like "unboxing," the experience of unwrapping or opening the packaging to see the product inside has made packaging all the more significant. This growing trend demonstrates that brand packaging may be a very effective marketing strategy. While traditional businesses still consider packaging to be an unnecessary expense, new age businesses recognise it as a powerful marketing and branding tool. Irrespective of the life stage of your product, investing in good packaging is a sure-shot way to build a powerful business.

The safety of the content inside'

Logistics is a growing challenge in this day and age. Proper and timely delivery of goods is becoming more and more important by the day as online shopping is gaining importance. A good package makes shipping your product much safer, no matter what type of transport you use. Less damage and spoilage improve the productivity of the company and, in turn, business value. Working with a reputable agency to handle the packing procedure will give better protection for your company's product.

A Tool for Marketing

Packaging is deemed one of the 5 P’s of the market, and packaging has gained prominence and respect from the sales and marketing department too. A product that covers a long journey from the factory to its end-user gives packaging several sets of eyes and an unparalleled opportunity for marketing. It's a low-cost approach to communicate the values and benefits of your products, as well as your company's goal. Retailers must pay for shelf space, so they want to put something there that will attract clients and urge them to buy it. Effective product packaging aims to create an eye-catching display around your company's name or brand using distinctive features such as colours, typefaces, photographs, and other design aspects.

Sales and hefty profit margins

When you're attempting to build a name for yourself in business, you'll constantly want to stand out from the crowd. Customers will notice whether you have superior packaging. Packaging that is beautiful and attractive attracts customers and lulls them into buying your product. Good packaging demonstrates attention to detail as well as the time and effort put into making something unique that reflects your company, brand, or sector. This degree of appeal makes consumers more likely to purchase the things you're selling since it engages them in a long-term relationship of trust and reliability.

Builds Identity

Good brands reflect a clear image in the minds of the customers. Such a strong brand identity is essential for any business to succeed in the commercial space. Good packaging design becomes the first step in that direction. Customers that are able to easily identify your brand from competitors' are most likely to buy it, or at least remain top of mind.

Looking to build a new brand or make a regional one turn national? Looking to run an FMCG enterprise profitably? Invest in good packaging! Trust me, Montage Group is the right place for you!

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Ilamathi M
Ilamathi M
28 nov 2023

Mr Atit Gandhi , at the outset I should say you are Maestro Ilayaraja in Flexible packaging😀

You have made it crystal clear to all of us that packaging is silent sales man. When you you put your knowledgeable thoughts and feel and develop an ideal packaging for particular product of brand and make it available in the shop shelves, from then that nicely developed package itself speaks out own that by a buyer/end user

Wish you all happiness for you to think further green of fertile, peace of white, futuristic, creative, innovative, unique and sustainability thinking too.

Happy for you shining in the printing and packaging industry

Best wishes from Mr Ilamathi Mahalingam(Jhaveri flexo) , Chennai Mob +91 7845274110

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