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  • Atit Gandhi

Slow & Steady: New mantra to overcome the Pandemic

COVID-19 caused a global uncertainty that has pushed lives and livelihoods into a still-burgeoning crisis. With two waves over, watching the infection and mortality rates wax and wane, our anxiety and grief about the social and economic future of the world have grown by manifolds. While 2020 was about the reading of the number of Covid cases in and around the world, 2021 brought the pandemic closer home, into our very worlds, where if not us then our known and loved ones were inflicted with the virus. In tough times and rising work pressures, job loss is a common threat and cause of distress for the country's working population. So, despite poor health, both physical and mental, people are returning to work, investing more time and effort than they can afford to, all to keep their resumes looking healthy and paychecks rolling in. Unfortunately, this attitude is short-lived with devastating results. Research says that most Covid survivors challenge their numb state of mind by turning to physical exercise and over-work to prove that they’re on the path to recovery. There are several physical challenges like breathing issues and extreme fatigue. The truth actually is that recuperating from Covid is a slow process that takes weeks maybe months of care. Struggling to return to their previous fitness and normal output levels takes time and cannot be forced upon. It’s best to accept the situation and make attempts to make slow and steady progress.

There is a higher than normal incidence of cardiac arrhythmias from myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle that weakens the heart and, in rare cases, causes sudden cardiac arrest. Several complications like blood clots are also mushrooming in recent months. Strangely, these situations are cropping up in previously healthy and fit patients who were either asymptomatic or never needed hospitalization for Covid-19. The after-effects of Covid don’t seem to follow any pattern of age or gender. Such mysterious circumstances are ringing an alarm loud and clear that we must prioritize our health and well-being as number one. All other agendas can follow.

A new quote that seems to be doing rounds in the corporate world is Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast. More and more leaders are becoming compassionate to their teams, allowing greater flexibility and exhibiting a vulnerability that was never seen before. Deadlines can wait if it’s at the cost of safety. With the panic button ringing faster than ever before bridging the gap between people and policies is taking the route through empathy. People should focus on eating well, light exercising, staying hydrated and emotionally connected to loved ones. Excessive worrying about the future may not result in increased productivity. It does the exact opposite. A slowdown is a natural and sustainable way to muster the strength to come back with a bang. Being mindful and careful about unique symptoms is critical. Stay peaceful to hear the sounds and rhythms of your own body. COVID care is essential and should not be ignored. It is a great investment for your future.


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