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Yes! Flexible Packaging Retains Food Nutrition

Food and beverage packaging has become a big avenue for opportunities for most packaging companies. With changing lifestyles and evolving choices of the modern world more and more people are turning to packaged foods. Right from the salt we consume to spaghetti, edible oil to ready-to-eat products packaged food has become an inevitable part of our life. Gone are the days when we had the patience and practice of buying loose pulses, milk and nuts. Today, with busier lives and better choices packaged essentials are the favourite across all consumer segments. This has created a window of prospects for a highly customized and niche packaging material like flexible packaging to keep the food we consume safe and healthy. Here are the top 5 ways how Flexi packaging retains product nutrition.

1. Customised Nutritional packaging – There is an increasing practice of creating specialized nutritional packaging for edible food items. Often, the word nutritious brings to mind supplements. Yet, nutritional product packaging is a whole new dimension in itself that caters to packaging for dried fruit, essential, berries, supplements and much more. With improved technology product packaging are available in stand-up pouches, quad seal pouches etc. that can now be stacked smartly to ensure they are kept in the optimum position while being stored on store shelves, warehouses and even homes of the customers.

2. No Contamination - From retail grocery shops to online food stores, the value chain has touch-points with a high risk of product failure or contamination before food reaches retailers. In such cases, the scientific flexible packaging retains food hygiene across the line and maintains public health.

3. Extends Shelf-Life – By keeping toxic hazards and physical contaminants such as dust, microbes, hair, insects, rodents at bay the product remains fresh and undisturbed across its lifecycle of expiration. Research proves that flexible packaging extends product quality in most cases. This becomes re-assuring for the consumer who will positively choose a product that is flexible-packaged as compared to something available loose or packaged in its rigid counterpart.

4. Real and Right Choice – New packaging developments allow a window to see the contents of the package at retail stores without any risk of causing food contamination. This is possible only with innovations in flexible packaging. For instance, the gusseted flexible pouches with package valves permit the consumer to feel the texture of the coffee beans inside, while the valve allows them to smell the coffee. BY allowing the air only to flow out of the bag, and not in, the coffee inside remains free from adulteration.

With a growing emphasis on nutrition in today's society, it is essential to pay the same heed to product packaging. If not, the food products might not claim to be as fresh as they should be, and in some cases, they may even go bad before they reach your door. Yet, we at The Montage Group use big-ticket R&D and innovation to ensure provide high-quality packaging solutions to give you peace of mind. It is our constant endeavor to ensure that food delivered to your door remains fresh and intact.

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