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Top 4 reasons why packaging is important for a brand

Think purple and gold and you think of Cadbury’s. Think red and white and a high chance that Coca Cola will come to your mind. That is the power of branding. While logo and colours are essential aspects of brand-building most companies underestimate the power of packaging to carve a niche in the minds of the target audience. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should re-look at your product packaging strategy if you want to stand out from the clutter of competitors.

Packaging as a brand ambassador

Packaging plays a crucial role in the market entry, penetration and success of a product in its category. It creates a distinct brand personality, attracts new customers and keeps loyal customers engaged. Creating an identity is a constant process that should not be changed frequently. Consistent brand identity builds credibility and increases brand recognition. It is important for brands to look at unique packaging that gives out a clear brand message. This improves the decisive factor in the purchase decision.

Creates an experience out of ‘Unpackaging’

Nobody can outgrow the excitement of opening a package. Irrespective of the contents inside, tearing open a package never fails to create excitement. While most companies view packaging more as a material than a form of branding, the tide is changing for the good. Packaging performs several roles over and above protecting the content inside. Long after the product is opened well designed and thoughtful packaging alleviates the consumer’s product experience making a special place in their heart. Packaging that includes spouts, zippers, seals, etc. greatly lend the factor of convenience to the consumer who can either re-use the product easily, support stacking and storage or make disposing of mindful. All these engagements enhance consumers’ loyalty towards the brand.

Good packaging reflects the high product quality

Research shows that high-quality packaging is a direct indicator of superior product quality for most consumers globally. Interesting product innovations, R&D in structure and shape not only create a distinction in the shopping aisle but also an instant competitive edge. Moreover, it supports the creation of the brand identity, giving consumers an incentive to purchase the product. In a nutshell, good packaging protects the product. Great packaging protects the brand.

Communication through packaging design

The packaging design showcases the brand identity and brings the brand to life - from the visual look and feel to its functionality and sustainability. Traditionally advertising has been used as the media for brand communication. Yet, if one looks closely, at the noise of conventional and digital media one can easily overlook the power of communication through packaging design, which plays a major role in the purchase decision making at the point of sale. Besides, packaging communication that connects with the consumer ends up being remembered in the long run.

At The Montage Group, we are a committed organization that offers the best packaging solutions for FMCG companies. Servicing everyone from big companies with deep pockets for advertising to local regional players that operate on value for money, we have a packaging strategy that fits the bill and supports the process of brand building.

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