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Top 5 tips to know what women want in Packaging

The womenfolk make up 50% of the world population. A woman invokes the symbol of strength and a nurturer. She is the one who gives birth to the concept of family. A family is a unit in itself on which global consumption rests. No wonder, a woman plays a crucial role in the process o of decision-making and ultimately shaping the consumption pattern of the family. Increasingly, some studies are being conducted to study the impact that women have on FMCG packaging. Females make up for half of humanity but make or influence an incredulous 85% of all consumer purchases. Interestingly, their hold over decisions is not limited to categories perceived to be female-focused, such as health and beauty, but also everything from new homes, electronics and vacations and cars.

Here is an article that talks about how to create packaging strategies that influence women as brand builders.

1. Audience Decode

You must begin with knowing who your audience is. Who is it that you are talking to? Women are from Venus. They have different values, behaviours and attitudes. Their priorities and preferences are also markedly varied which have a profound effect on the way product packaging should be designed. Women complete more social roles as buyers than men. Simply put, men shop for themselves while the women do the rest - from the monthly grocery to back presents for the child's birthday and buying medicines to maintenance items. Since they’re always thinking about the needs of others, speaking a language of empathy and respect will make a remarkable difference.

2. Relationships are important

Women are emotional and use that logic and rationality in decision-making. Packagers who work towards creating strategic product packaging and graphic designs that make the business listen to, and be in touch with what women want are the successful ones. Female-centric and woman-friendly that adds convenience, joy and ease in everyday living become favourites. It could be easier to open monthly re-fill pouches, zippers and spouts for convenience in re-opening or packaging with better stackability and storage.

3. Natural Nurturers

Women join the dots better and close the loop faster. They are naturally drawn to caring for the environment. Packaging that supports the circular economy appeal to women better because, as a species, they have a genuine concern and intent to do good. While balancing the cost and brand equilibrium, most women are more likely to choose brands that support sustainable packaging.

4. They mean Business

Women are informed buyers and follow a more complex purchase behaviour than their counterparts. Research says that on an average women compare 10 sources of information before buying a product and packaging design plays a crucial role in the final decision. Hence, it’s wise to take a holistic approach for designing the packaging to stand out. Over and above aesthetics like shape, colour, texture and design women look for information and features. By customizing the outer covering of a product to suit the specifications of what women find meaningful can differentiate you from the competition.

At the Montage Group, we have a proficient team of data analysts and researchers that are constantly studying the evolving market dynamics and the role of women in product packaging development.

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